Tips For New Scuba Diving Instructors

Tips For New Scuba Diving Instructors

Scuba diving in Miami has become one of the biggest hubs for activity on the planet. There are thousands of beginners, experienced divers and those who want to become new instructors, all in one location. That makes us experts at scuba diving and because of our wealth of knowledge, we’d like to offer you a few tips that some new scuba diving instructors might not know.

Check your health

Each new scuba diving instructor should check his health before he begins with training. Diving in Florida demands optimal health, due to waters and naval life. As such, proper health is absolutely key. If you are a smoker, I suggest you try to stop smoking and begin to exercise a few months before you decide to start with the training.

Practice mindfulness

If you are going to be a scuba diving instructor, you will need to have your mind be ready to engage in a lot of different activities. You will have to engage guests, lead dives and also be prepared for any kind of accident. Especially, in the case of handling accidents, mindfulness can be a good way to achieve success. Yoga is known to be the best way to relax and improve your mental condition. With scuba diving, you will need all of that. The best tip and the one a lot of scuba diving instructor trainingscuba instructors implement is to practice yoga a few months before they even start with the training to control their stressors. Obviously, this should be continued after training and into work.

Check the equipment

Florida Keys diving requires the best equipment possible. Nevertheless, as an instructor, your job is to inspect it before going underwater. Air leaks and bad-tasting air are the most common, but not the only malfunctions you should pay attention to. Buckles which are damaged and visible damages to the equipment require immediate replacement. Obviously, you will have to inspect your own equipment and that which is used by your students.

Don’t use a camera the first time

It is a well-known fact that a Florida Keys scuba diving experience is a great backdrop for underwater footage. But, you shouldn’t use the camera for the first time you begin with diving. This is a distraction which will have a negative effect on the course and your knowledge. In addition, you shouldn’t allow for other students to use a camera underwater for the first couple of times either. It may be a severe mistake. Rebreather and Technical Scuba Diving Instructor Training Programs don’t allow usage of cameras for the first couple of times students go under water.

Monitor the levels of air in the system

Whether you are a beginner or you teach them, keep in mind that they will use more air than professionals. The stress is always related to faster breathing, therefore it is mandatory to pay attention to the gauge at all times. Remind the beginners of this fact and try to assist them to slow their breathing. Stress isn’t something you need with scuba diving.

Scuba Diving Instructor Training 

Diving in Florida waters is more than just appealing and fun. It is also important to keep a close eye on the safety of yourself and your students if you are already an instructor. These tips may look obvious, but almost 90 percent of non-professionals break them at some point. If you are interested in engaging with diving professionals who value real life scenarios and experience over certificates, look no further than Hall’s Diving. If you are interested in a career in diving in the Florida Keys, whether it be as a boatmaster, dive master, instructor or something else, look no further than The Career Institute at Hall’s Diving.




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