Scuba Diving Instructor Training

The Career Institute at Hall’s diving has a reputation throughout the industry as using state-of-the-art, progressive dive instruction methods. Over thirty-five years of consistent quality have made our graduates the most widely recognized instructors by associations in the world. Psychological methods you learn here are in-depth methods that prepare you to teach any version of diving instruction, anywhere in the world. Our professional instructor programs have quality dive experiences built in and REQUIRE NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE to attend or become qualified.

scuba divers training under water
Beautiful Open Water Training

Training at the Institute at Hall’s includes some instructor specialty areas. Special lectures and exclusive copyrighted books and study guides cover all areas such as teaching psychology, in-water teaching methods, waterwork problem solving, medical aspects, equipment, environment, diving physics, decompression, gas mixes, nitrox and the business aspects of diving.

Professional training for your classroom teaching presentations (“orals”) and open-water orientations make your speeches lively, fun and, educational for both you and your students.

The open water surrounding the Keys makes Hall’s the ideal classroom for underwater instructors. Using Hall’s Water Instructor Guide © you practice exercises and problem solving techniques both in and out of the water until they become second nature to you. You master teaching techniques in the water under the guidance of a skilled Hall’s Instructor Trainer.

scuba training in a pool
Pool Training

As a result, you can easily teach your future students to be comfortable in the water, ready to go out and dive on their own without needing supervision, and you do it within a reasonable time period.

Learning at the Institute at Hall’s is different than learning anywhere else in the world. Remember: the renowned Hall’s methods are only available at Hall’s.

students learning to become scuba instructors
Classroom training

Hall’s exclusive copyrighted methods are not available through any of the training associations or other schools. They are given to graduates and set YOU apart to be admired by employers and students wherever you go.

At the Institute at Hall’s you learn to teach diving so well that when you’re done, employers seek after you.

Hall’s placement rates for most new instructor graduates is 100%*. It has been that way every year for over twenty-years in a row. It doesn’t get any better than 100. Being in high demand as a Hall’s graduate can provide you with more job offers, better placement choices and the potential for higher pay. At the Institute at Hall’s, your final practical examinations are teaching REAL students in the ACTUAL environment at an AUTHENTIC diving vacation center. These REAL teaching experiences assure you and your future employer that you are not just certified, you have the proven on-the-job experience to immediately succeed.

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