Rebreather and Technical Diving

State-of-the-art training in the latest recreational dive technology includes training in the use of rebreathers, submersibles, underwater communication systems, technical diving theory and deeper diving techniques.

Rebreathers, Submersibles and Tech Diving allow divers to stay down longer, explore more area, and reach greater depths while staying within safe diving limits. Learning to teach this latest technology enhances your career and puts you in demand with progressive diving employers worldwide.

REBREATHERS are lighter than open-circuit scuba and their advantages are many: they are quiet, offering a close, stealthy approach to marine life, they keep you warmer by providing moist warm air, they create constant neutral buoyancy at any depth and provide a more natural, comfortable diving style.

Using the latest state-of-the-art computer technology and Oxygen as a gas, rebreathers easily quadruple your dive time underwater, while cutting your obligations for surface interval or decompression in half. At the Career Institute at Hall's diving, you learn how to introduce and train the public in proper, safe use of rebreathers. During the program, you practice new diving techniques, perform rebreather maintenance and make both deep wreck and shallow reef dives using state-of-the-art equipment.

DEEP TECH is recreational diving technology at the ultimate level. The Deep Tech program prepares you to teach all the diving theory associated with safe staged decompression, use of mixed gases, advanced wreck diving, gas blending, underwater communication devices and submersibles. Everything associated with deeper, longer, safer bottom time is in the Deep Tech program. During your training, you practice deep diving techniques, computer dive planning, use submersibles, underwater communication systems and perform simulated stage decompression on deep wrecks and reefs.

Rebreather - Deep Tech - Submersibles - Gas Blending - Instructor graduates lead the industry in technical knowledge and skill. A new realm of safe, exhilarating dive experiences await you and your students as you enhance your career as a Rebreather and Deep Tech Instructor graduate.

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