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The Institute originally designed their programs in 1978, by analyzing the personnel needs of profitable diving resorts, schools, stores, live-a-board dive vessels, cruise lines, universities, government rehabilitation programs, contractors and educators. Based on input from these employers, they broadened their programs to fit the full-time needs of industry employers.

Dive instructor as a skill by itself is at best, a part-time job. Here at the Institute you can combine Instructor with technical training, rebreather, business operations and sales, equipment repair tech, divemaster, boatmaster and digital photo/video with computer editing. With this combination you now have the skills necessary for a full-time position.

Employers strive to hire employees who can do everything. They also desire employees who stay busy satisfying all their customer's needs. This combination not only provides for good employment that pays well, it also provides for on the job advancement.

The Institute programs develop broad, well-rounded skills. They go beyond diving instructor certification agency (i.e. NAUI, PADI, SDI, IANTD, SSI, etc.) requirements by providing training and certification for today's multitalented full-time professional. Over two decades of experience operating diving vocational programs, month after month, twelve months a year went into the design of the Institute's current curriculums.

Each Institute program at Hall's uses its own exclusive copyrighted © learning system. The texts in the system are not available in the general market, from any certification agency or at any other program. They are exclusive, confidential guides made available only to enrolled students. Full of insider information, these specially written texts make learning complex subjects easy and provide REAL-world secrets to career success.

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The Institute has a placement program that works hard to supply good suitable employment for all its graduates. As expressed in the Institute's proven Worldwide Placement rates for over twenty years in a row, The job placement program doesn't get any better than it does at Hall's. As anyone in the diving industry can tell you, the Career Institute at Hall diving program is known for producing graduates employers strive to hire. The programs are detailed and broad in scope. Placed graduates can not only hold on to their jobs; they can advance in their careers as well.

Being in high demand as a Hall's graduate can provide you with more job offers, better placement choices and the potential for higher pay.

*See the "Placement Info" page for details on job placement.

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