Student Loans and Grants

Institute at Hall's Student Loan Programs, Credit Card Financing, Student Lines of Credit, JTPA Grants and VA Benefits

Up to 100 percent of your fees at low interest rates and attractive terms are available to approved applicants who qualify. Some Institute programs qualify for Veterans educational benefits and JTPA government grants.

You may use your credit card for payment of fees including deposits, tuition, lab, books, tax, equipment, dorm rent, etc. Credit Card Banks and Companies also issue non-collateralized Lines-of-Credit to persons who qualify which can be used to pay all the fees and expenses at the Institute.

You can apply for time payments on 100% of all fees for up to 120 months with nothing down and 0% to 12 % interest on our Professional Instructor Training Programs. These loans are available only for those who qualify. All loans require a United States resident, who will not be living with you, to guarantee the payments. TFC and FCC require a guarantor because many of our graduates go to work overseas.

Sallie Mae loans can cover all fees related to your course (within certain limits) at very low interest rates for those who qualify. Sallie Mae has high loan approval rates, small supplementary fees and offers up to 120 month repayment programs. Sallie Mae loans are only available for our Professional Instructor Training Programs. Most loans require a United States resident to guarantee the payments.

The veterans administration (VA) grants monthly cash allotments and educational payments to veterans or their dependents who qualify for educational benefits. They pay up to 100% of all fees, plus a living allowance of up to $2,800 a month for both Chapter 31- Voc Rehab and 33 – Post 911 GI Bill®. Chapter 30 GI Bill® pays a straight monthly allotment while attending the Institute. The bill you qualify for sets the level of benefits you receive. Advance arrangements with the VA through the Institute must be made before attendance.

Workers displaced by foreign competition or workers otherwise requiring retraining in a different field may be one of those who qualify for JTPA – Workforce Development (Title 6) or other grants to be used at the Institute. Grants can pay part or all of fees including room, board and expenses. Check with your local unemployment office for details on benefits and eligibility.

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