Opening Your Own Dive Business

Opening Your Own Dive Business

If you are looking to start your own diving business – whether it is at a resort, a private operation in the islands, or as an independent educator – you need to know more than just the ins-and-outs of diving. A large part of a dive professional’s success originates from operational techniques and using the gentle art-of-persuasion to sell your services. Learning at Hall’s will teach you the skillful art of persuasion selling; we avoid the hard sell, as it makes most people feel uncomfortable and unwilling to do business. We sell fun, not slick gimmicks.

The Institute at Hall’s, located in the beautiful Florida Keys, trains prospective business owners in the art and aspects of psychological persuasion in all areas of sales. Whether it is selling your own dive courses, vacation packages, training or equipment, having an extra edge can increase your sales and lead to a healthier business. Here at Hall’s, you will learn from Bob Brayman, a man that is sought after nation-wide by diving professionals for his proven persuasion seminars. The operational and sales procedure you learn at the Institute are so refined and systemized, that no matter where you go, sales and operations will be a breeze.

Operating a Dive Business

There are many things that go into operating your own dive business. The list of skills you can acquire from Hall’s can jump start your career in the dive profession and lead to a fulfilling career. Our fun for-profit training includes inventory profit control, visual merchandising, mannequins and store layout, and effective product lighting.whale shark underwater picture Learning how to build customer loyalty through acquisition, training, and equipment purchases should be a fun and pain-free process for both parties. We can teach you how to perform all the necessary psychological aspects in all areas of sales. If you’ve ever dreamt about owning your own dive shop, Hall’s is the first step in a fulfilling and exciting road.

Scuba Instructor Training

If you are looking to hire or retrain some of your scuba instructors for your own business, or you want to brush up on the skills required to properly prepare your own dive instructors to take people out in the water, Halls Diving offers training and certifications in the following areas

  • Dive Instructor Training
  • Deep Tech Training
  • Rebreather and Technical Diving Training
  • Professional Divemastering
  • Professional Photo and Videography Training
  • Diving Equipment Repair Technician
  • Dive Business Operations and Sales Techniques

The numbers speak for themselves; after graduation, Hall’s boasts a 100% placement rate for the last twenty-five years running. Our state-of-the-art training can lead to a new lucrative career, as there are job placements and opportunities offered worldwide. Hall’s Diving Center and Career Institute is designed for professionals by professionals. We use real insider methods and information based on Hall’s everyday divemastering experience. With exclusive copyrighted materials and study guides, you and your employees can become some of the best in the business. From rental procedures, group charters, cash register procedures, legal aspects, and general operations, you will have a solid understanding of how the business runs and operates. If you’re looking for a professional experience, you’ve found the right place.

Florida Keys Dive Instructor Courses

We’ve developed a curriculum that places experience and effectiveness in the field above a piece of paper from an agency. The level of realism in our training is second-to-none. This not only extends to dive training but to the operational aspects of the diving business as well. We have 12 or 14-week programs that you can purchase to further your knowledge of this business. You can also buy specific courses and parts of the program if you do not wish to spend 12-14 weeks at our facility, or if you just need to brush-up on certain areas. This includes selling and repairing equipment, guided dives, and assisting customers with rental gear. Basically, we teach all aspects of the business that employers look for. If you are set on a career in the diving business, contact the Institute at Hall’s today by emailing or by calling (305) 743-5929 or (800) 331-HALL (4255).

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