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You can Land your Diving Dream Job with
Training and Placement from Hall's!

Proven Training and Placement Results!

For over Twenty Consecutive Years.

1992-93 100% PLACED Reported by FETPIP, Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program administered by the Commission for Independent Education.

1993-96 100% PLACED in 4 out of 6 types of instructor programs. 96% placed average of all.

1997- 02 100% PLACED in 6 out of 8 types instructor programs. 98% placed average of all


An Illustration of a beaker with a small amount of graduate supply in it, being poured into a large (9,700) employer demand. Signifying - Greater Demand than Supply of Graduates. 30K-9 sec.

2003- 08 100% PLACED in all programs except 2007 Repair which had 75% placed.

2008- 09 100% PLACED in 7 out of 8 instructor programs. 98% placed average of all.

2009- 10 100% PLACED in 7 out of 8 instructor programs. 80% placed average of all.

2011- 13 100% PLACED in all programs.

2013- 14 100% PLACED in 3 out of 5 instructor programs 94% placed average of all.

2014- 15 100% PLACED in all programs.

2015- 16 100% PLACED in 3 out of 4 instructor programs 97% placed average of all.



As a result of a vocational program review for 1992-2013, locally collected vocational student follow-up data have been used to compile this information. The methods used to collect this information are specified by state laws and rules. These data are available for inspection upon request.

Hall's Trained Graduates are in Demand Worldwide!

Hall's Graduate Placement Service includes:

Complete resume service - access to over 11,500 Hall's employer contacts - Mail, E-mail, Phone - Interview arrangements - and more.

Payroll Compensation

Based on employment offer records for Hall's Graduates, pay offers from 2003 through 2008 varied from $20 to $60,000 a year to start. The majority of the offers are between $30 and $40,000 a year. Some employers give additional benefits of bonuses, commissions, tips, etc. to reach these figures. These records are available for inspection at the Institute on request. Individual samplings can be given to you for inquiry before attendance. Expect $30 to $60,000 a year for most jobs involving management. If you own your own business expect $100,000 or more per year depending on the size of your business, profit margins and skill.

Diversified Employment Opportunities for Hall's Graduates*

Resort Instructor

Marine Institute Instructor

Dive Store Manager

Dive Store Owner

Dive Resort Owner

U/W Photographer

University Aquatics Director

University Diving Officer

Marine Mammal Trainer

Search and Rescue Team Leader

Dive Tour Operator

Dive Travel Agent

Municipal Aquarium Diver

Live Aboard Dive Instructor

Diving Sales and Instruction

Equipment Repair Technician

Cruise Ship Diver

Dive Services Operator

Dive Boat Captain/Divemaster

Club Med Instructor

Equipment Sales Representative

Cruise Line Aquatics Manager

Diving Publication Writer (Dive Training Magazine)

Diving Publication Sales Rep. (Rodales)

Independent Instructor

U/W Videographer


Theme Park Dive Team (EPCOT)

Certification Agency Sales Representative


Park Service Diver Trainer

Police Diver Trainer

Scientific Dive Team Leader

Director of Dive Operations

U/W Movie Production


Instructor Trainer

Training Director

Trainer Police Search and Rescue

Cruise Line Instructor

Equipment Repair Technician


*Source: Placement Records

For Over Twenty Years, the Demand for Hall's Graduates
has always Exceeded the Supply.
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