Underwater composite photo of divers shooting digital photos and video on reef. 23K-7 sec.


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Underwater Digital Photography and Videography Training at Hall's

Diver shooting photo of angelfish on reef.. 16K-5 sec.

Professional-level photographic skills expand your opportunities for dive industry employment and add enjoyment to your everyday underwater work activities. Digital photography and videography training at Hallís produces quality results that previously could only be achieved by the most famous underwater film photographers and staff. The Institute uses a combination of select equipment, and specialized photographic and computer edit training to teach you to easily produce magazine-quality underwater photographs and broadcast-quality video.


Digital Still Photography underwater is a combination of properly setting up and shooting photos of divers and marine life, then going topside and using a computer to enhance them. Through the use of the latest affordable five or better megapixel cameras and Adobe Photoshop photo editing program, you learn to achieve outstanding underwater photographs fast. Once you accomplish digital editing, you practice storing photos on CD or DVD, printing photos and downloading them onto the Internet.

Student using a computer to edit both Photo and Video at the Institute. 12K-4 sec.

Digital Videography is a marvelous media for taking underwater movies. Consumer digital video cameras today produce broadcast quality video (520+ lines of resolution) with a minimal investment.

The quality is over twice that of the old VHS and 8-mm camcorders. At the Institute, you learn to use the latest digital video cameras and lighting systems. You also storyboard, shoot and edit a complete "customer's vacation experience" video using Adobe Premiere and place it on CD or DVD.

Diver shooting video underwater on reef. 9K-3 sec.

The Digital Photography and Videography Program at Hallís gives you very unique and marketable skills to take to dive industry employers. If you are already an Instructor, it also qualifies you to teach customers photo or video Specialty courses. The photographic digital production of the career school catalog and the DVD Hall's brochure were done entirely in-house by Institute trainers. The same trainers guide you during the Digital Photography and Videography Program to help you emulate the same type of quality photographic results you see in them.

The Digital Photography and Videography Program at Hall's qualifies you to take and edit professional photos or videos and for Certified Scuba Instructors - teach specialty courses.

Brands of equipment and software used during the Photo and Video Programs. 40K-12 sec.

At Hall's - Learn from the same Photo Experts that produced this Website.

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